Patient Participation Scheme

Oakfield Surgery Patient Reference Group 2012/2013

Our Patient Reference Group members were recruited mainly from our existing ‘Friends of Oakfield Surgery’. As shown in the table below:

Age Group Men Women Total
0 - 16 0 0 0
17 - 24 0 1 1
25 - 34 2 2 4
35 - 44 1 1 2
45 - 54 0 2 2
55 - 64 2 5 7
65 - 74 2 3 5
75 - 84 2 1 3
85 + 0 0 0

We are always looking to recruit new members as we do appreciate that our Patient Reference Group is not completely representative of our patient population but despite putting up posters, handing out leaflets and patients being encouraged to join through conversation, recruitment has not been easy. Anyone interested in joining particularly from the younger sector of the patient list is encouraged to approach any member of staff.

The ethnic origin of the above group is predominantly White British so we are actively trying to encourage patients from different ethnic origins to join.

An initial discussion was held with the Patient Reference Group to formulate questions for our survey. The patient survey took place during March 2013. CFEP UK Surveys Limited collated the results.

Our patient population at the time of the survey was 6,407.

Age Group Men Women Total
0 - 16 678 619 1,297
17 - 24 191 237 428
25 - 34 428 508 936
35 - 44 578 557 1,135
45 - 54 541 475 1,016
55 - 64 360 325 685
65 - 74 241 262 503
75 - 84 160 146 306
85 + 43 58 101
TOTAL 3,220 3,187 6,407

163 surveys were completed. The patient demographics were as follows:

Age Number of Responses Oakfield Surgery Mean Score (%)
Under 25 13 70
25 – 59 88 72
60 + 52 75
Blank 10 87

Gender Number of Responses Oakfield Surgery Mean Score (%)
Female 99 71
Male 55 77
Blank 9 90

Visit Usual Practitioner Number of Responses Oakfield Surgery Mean Score (%)
Yes 120 75
No 21 60
Blank 22 79

Years Attending Number of Responses Oakfield Surgery Mean Score (%)
< 5 years 37 69
5 -10 years 41 70
> 10 years 73 77
Blank 12 87

The results of the survey were discussed with the Patient Reference Group at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on the 27th March 2013. Statistical data relating to the findings, such as the Overall Practice Scores Graph, has been published in Oakfield Surgery and on our website.

When compared to last years survey results it is evident that there has been a significant improvement on the Overall Practice Scores for Oakfield Surgery. The Oakfield Surgery overall score in the 2011/2012 survey showed that ‘patients ability to speak to a practitioner on the phone’ was below the national average. From the results of the 2012/2013 survey it is apparent that the Oakfield Surgery overall score for this section has increased considerably, proving that the measures that we predicted last year “This new computer software also allows reception staff to leave an instant message with the clinician enabling easier patient contact during surgery hours” has been successful.

The managerial staff have logged that telephone access has been an on-going problem since the 2011/2012 Patient Reference Group Survey and are hoping to rectify this by having purchased a touch screen patient log in screen for the reception so that patients are able to check themselves in for their appointments, thus freeing up the receptionists to answer the telephone lines more efficiently. Oakfield Surgery are currently awaiting installation of the touch screen patient log in screen by the Suffolk IT department.

At present, Oakfield Surgery only ever has two members of the reception staff working together. During the busy periods, for example, in the morning and before afternoon surgeries begin, one of the staff members’ deals with walk-in patients that are at the reception desk whilst the other staff member answers the two telephone lines that are direct to the reception of the Surgery, thus causing delays in the telephones being answered.
By purchasing the Jayex touch screen patient check in screen Oakfield Surgery are predicting that there will be less walk-in patients at the desk which will therefore free up both members of the reception staff to answer both of the telephone lines.

Oakfield Surgery changed computer systems to SystmOne in May 2012 and the managerial staff are now looking at introducing online booking facilities so that patients are able to make their own appointments via the Oakfield Surgery website. Plans have also been put in place to set up the online electronic prescription requests, so that patients are able to order their medications via the Oakfield Surgery website which will reduce the number of patients that telephone the Surgery to order their medications. The managerial staff at Oakfield Surgery forecast that this will also free up the reception staff to answer both of the telephone lines and will also reduce the volume of telephone calls that the Surgery receives as patients will have more control over booking their own appointments and ordering their medications at their own convenience.

The Practice Manager and the Patient Reference Group Chairperson will monitor this closely and hope the issues will be resolved by the time next years survey is completed.

As a result of the survey we have not changed our opening times, they remain as follows:

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 6.30pm

1. ROUTINE appointments are available to book up to 6 WEEKS in advance

If all the advance appointments are already booked on your preferred date you may be offered an alternative date, or will be asked to phone ‘on the day’

2. A LIMITED number of routine appointments can be booked ON THE DAY

Please phone or attend the surgery at 8.30am as these appointments fill up quickly

3. If your medical problem is an EMERGENCY you will ALWAYS be seen the SAME DAY

You will be asked to attend at the end of morning surgery.
Please be prepared to wait as we can be very busy
(Especially on Mondays and Fridays)

A. If your doctor is fully booked or not available you may be offered an appointment with our nurse practitioner.
- Jean is an independent nurse practitioner and can be consulted on ALL medical conditions. She is also able to prescribe medication.

B. Our nurses, Sharon and Jeanne, are qualified to see you for simple medical problems. Please ask reception if you feel your problem could be seen by one of our nurses

Late Surgery: Wednesday evening by appointment

During the hours when Oakfield Surgery is not open a voicemail message machine has been set up in order to provide patients who may contact the Surgery at these times of alternative services available to them until the Surgery re-opens. The message states:

“The surgery is now closed; our opening hours are 08:30 – 18:30 Monday to Friday. Please listen carefully to the following options.

• If you have a life threatening medical emergency, please hang up and dial 999.

• If you need medical assistance and cannot wait until the surgery opens, please hang up and dial 111 for the NHS 111 Service. Calls to this service are free of charge from both landlines and mobiles.

Thank You”